3d Photo Crystal Photo Engraving – Engrave Your Special Memories Into Something More

3d crystal photo glasses are the perfect item for any occasion. You may use them to show off your favorite pictures, or you can use them to store memories in. No matter what your purpose, you will be thrilled with the quality and beauty of 3d crystal photo glasses. Enjoy displaying your favorite pictures with these crystal photo glasses!

crystal photo

Please note: You may need a light base to help the crystals stand out at night. Please check your light source to make sure it is compatible with your crystals. You will also need a photo storage box (usually foam or cardboard), some tape, a cloth and your crystal photo glasses.

First, gently tape the cloth over your picture so it doesn’t move around. If there is an ornament on the crystal photo glasses, remove it. Untie the wires attached to the ornament and take off the crystal cover. Your ornament should pop off easily if it is secured by Velcro.

Next, gather up all of your 3d photo crystal photo gifts and wrap them in your custom crystal photo box. Use some beautiful fabric scraps to make your own personalized tags or stickers for your keepsakes. Attach a short, but long piece of ribbon with a matching charm to your personalized tags. The ribbon will not only add color to your gifts but will also provide an opportunity for you to include your name or monogram. If you choose, you can include a personal message as well.

To personalize your 3d photo cube, you can paint your chosen picture on the back or use any other custom paint application. Paint your picture by running the brush in a straight line from the wall to the edges of your photo. It may be necessary to overlap the paint in certain areas if the photo is large. Let your paint dry for several minutes before hanging on the tree. You may want to place a small dab of glue on the inside of the frame before hanging so that the frame doesn’t slide down and smudge your painted image.

For your 3d photo laser engraved crystals, you will want to purchase a clear or frosted glass for lighting purposes and a clear, colored, wood base. If you are purchasing the crystal from a retailer, be sure that they sell the item with a light base so that you do not need to worry about the light base interfering with the crystal’s viewing. When looking for a place to purchase your crystal photo cubes, consider buying online. Many retailers who sell crystal photo accessories online offer free or discounted shipping.

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