Wedding Anniversary Gifts – What to Get

Wedding Anniversary gifts are given to the couple celebrating their fifth wedding anniversary or their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary. They are often given as a token of affection and an acknowledgment that the couple has enjoyed many years of togetherness and love. Anniversary gifts for weddings are available in a variety of types, styles, designs, themes and materials.

A wedding anniversary gift for an anniversary is any object of personal significance which marks the occasion of a wedding. Traditional names for these tokens of love exist for example: for fifty years of married life it is known as a “cotton wedding anniversary gifts” whereas fifty decades of wedded bliss is called “a golden wedding anniversary gifts”. The type of wedding anniversary gifts depends on the type of wedding and the recipient. Some gifts to be given at wedding anniversary gifts are wedding rings, picture frames, crystal ware, silver pieces, cufflinks, handbags, jewelry, silversmith tools, etc.

Classic wedding anniversary gifts could be a piece of silver jewellery with the names and wedding date engraved on it. Engraved pearls are used as wedding anniversary gifts and they can be in the form of an individual pearl with diamonds set in it or in the form of a cluster of pearls. Another classic wedding anniversary gifts could be an original pearl pendant with a pair of earrings and a matching watch. There are also sterling silver jewellery sets and bespoke diamond jewellery gifts available.

You will also find traditional anniversary gifts in the form of a picture frame, photo album, diary or even a video. In traditional wedding anniversary gifts the photo of the couple in their wedding dress is a very popular choice. The meaning behind this gift is not difficult to understand. The groom must have taken his wedding dress off when he proposed to the bride and he must have taken the pictures with the help of a camera too. So he must have pictures of both of them in their wedding dress standing beside each other, holding the wedding rings and looking straight into the camera.

Another traditional anniversary gift is the cotton art print. It is usually a throw away gift. But if you give a cotton art print it will definitely be cherished for a long time. The cotton art print can be in any design – check out the sample online and see what you like. A cotton art print can have anything on it like a couple of leaves or a flower or just a simple smiley face. No matter what you choose for your wedding anniversary gift, make sure it says something special and meaningful.

For the 12th anniversary of your wedding anniversary a good idea would be a ceramic or porcelain set with your names and wedding date carved on it. Ceramic pots or pans are ideal for this occasion because they are very beautiful and elegant. If you want to make the pottery more personal add an engraved gift tag on it. To make your wedding anniversary gifts even more memorable buy a couple of ceramic dishes or bowls with names and wedding dates etched on the handles.

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